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Nearly all my photos are taken in Meldale on our property which is a rural area with large farm dams.  The block has cultivated palm gardens at one end, leading down to tidal mud flats at the other end about 500m.  I take photos as a hobby and got hooked on dragons and damsels when I bought a new camera and thought they would be easier than birds to practice on.  When I started I was lucky to be helped by Ric Natrass and his field guide who gave me confidence to continue.

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Reiner R. on May 29, 2013 about

Diplacodes melanopsis

Reiner R. on May 29, 2013 about

Diplacodes melanopsis - you're at about their northern extent

Helen L. on August 14, 2011 about

Thank you. They are very beautiful and very big when you see them resting. In the air it is hard to see their colours. The books suggest it is a more northern Ausustralian draogonfly but I have seen too many for it to be a rare visitor and I have photos of egg laying into April which I will upload when I get chance. I am new at this and the internet in Meldale appears very slow.

Simon Mustoe on August 14, 2011 about

Helen, lovely image. I haven't seen one of these ... I hadn't appreciated how beautiful they are. Melbourne's a bit cold for dragonflies now, until about December : (